DP Café - Great Food in the Cackalacky


The Café ... Totally Unexpected!

The DP Café is set up to feed our hungry shooters during business hours.  On occasion, we will host gatherings for our members and we offer a place to meet and enjoy the rustic beauty of Bassi Ranch.  Open only to members, we offer a fixed daily menu and fine southern cooking for planned events.  After sports, and as a special bonus to our private club members, the DP Café at Bassi Ranch serves an awesome collect of beers, wines and has a stock of over 1,000 cigars!  Our C&M (Cigar & Mead - a vintage aged cigar and shot of Dansk Mjod Viking Blod Danish Mead) is a club classic, along with our famous Q-bana Hand-rolled Cigars!  Totally woodsy and totally rustic - Sweet!  For more details, visit our DP Café website by clicking the Bassi Ranch crest below.

Bassi Ranch ... So, It's a Ranch?

Well, sort of!  Bassi Ranch is more of a tree farm / organic vineyard / hunting preserve, with a shooting range on it ... if you can image that!  Bassi Ranch is situated on 64 acres of new forest in the southeast corner of Caswell County and is adjacent to the Caswell Game Land.  We are conveniently located five miles north of Baynes General Store right off NC 119, just two miles south of Hightowers.   With several miles of manicured hiking trails and secluded camping spots, Bassi Ranch offers its hiking members an awesome up-close experience with nature.  When things aren't busy on the range, it's really quiet out here!

... And, We Recycle Just About Everything!

Ever wonder what happens to a transfer trailer when it's worn out?  It gets moved to Bassi Ranch and undergoes renovation!  Come and check out our cool trailer buildings, they're awesome!  Whenever we make improvements and push earth around the ranch, we inspect the grounds beforehand and look for living things that need to be preserved or left undisturbed.  Mostly, we build natural wild rabbit habitats and groom 100% organic wild Muscadine grapes!

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