Meet the "Perms" - Permanent Members

Silver Status

Check out our list of members having earned the Silver Distinguished Pistol Challenge Coin, signifying their permanent 10-buck rate.  Our silver DP challenge coin is awarded to members reaching their 21st hour of shooting on the range.  Congratulations!!! 

History of Challenge Coins

Of military origin, the purpose of the challenge coin was first used for identification during war times, but today these coins have grown in popularity and purpose way beyond their original use.  Now, challenge coins are given as a recognition for special achievement or simply as collectibles, mostly within our Armed Forces and law enforcement agencies.  Within the military, challenge coins are normally presented by unit commanders in recognition of special achievement by a member of the unit.  They are also exchanged during ceremonial events and in recognition of senior leadership visits to an organization. 



Dwayne & Karin Campbell

Ed Brooks

Alex Verjovsky

Dale & Ginger Feldpausch

Emily & Warren Mason


Tim & Beth Coble

Bill & Jody Kowalski

Bryan & Leah Briggs

Daniel & Cathy Moore

David Sichi

Erin Haygood

Danal Hein

Ed Madren

John Pugh

Joshua Poole

Dean & Kathleen Thompson

Kevin Pollok

Ken Pollok

Scott Preston

Kevin & Enrika Thompson

Lalonzo Chambers

Michael & Cathy Gibson

Mynor Contreras

Pedro & Ann Sanchez

Ronnie & Dana Moore

Thomas Doyle

Travis & Tina Haynes

Paul Graham

L. Coggins

Trey & Trina Carson

William Capp

Anthony Johnson


Ryan Lewis

Ross Coley

Andy Wiggs

Steven & Felicia Johnston

John Clark, Jr.

April Brown

Averil Cozart

Jill Fallin

James Cotter

Michael Snowden

Mark Beaver

Joel & Christa Urban

Chris & Tara Cole

Phyllis Simon

Bruce Taggart

Shannon Dwinnell

Alex & Margarita Katayev

Larry "Matt" & Ceil Matthews

Chip Rainey

Gary Kirwin

Michael Renegar

Cathrine O'Donnell

Peter Walz

Steven Happel

Vicki G. & Patricia S.

Bill & Rachel Thompson

John & Wendy Cavalieri

Michael & Sandra Quinn

Bruce Daley

Matt Demmitt

Hector Monsanto

Hassini Monsanto

Sheridan Halfacre

Tim & Donna Hudson

Gabriel Marvin

Bob Bridges

Nate Bridges

Leland McClusky

C. Beck

Harry Marvin