Range Services and Learning


Outdoor Shooting Experiences

Our ranges are set up to handle custom shooting experiences and personal training courses by appointments on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays, and we are open for regular lane shooting and basic instruction on Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.  We operate three separate range complexes: (1) Main Range - pistol & short-range rifle, (2) Precision Rifle - our 300-yard, triple-court, no-walk long range rifle, and (3) Shotgun - twin steel plate alleys.   We are constantly expanding our range features and courses.  Regardless of your shooting disciple, we try to accommodate all styles and types of shooting, so whatever your shooting passion, just let us know!

Firearms Safety - Learn the Basics!

New to shooting?  Don't worry, you've found the right place!  Distinguished Pistol is THE place for new shooters to learn about handguns, rifles and shotguns.  All new shooters receive hands-on safety training to help them with their first shots.  Additional instruction is offered on self-defense practice, safety education, and the fundamentals of marksmanship.  As shooters advance their skills, we offer specialized training for the more experienced shooters and seasoned competitors.  At Distinguished Pistol, we are huge on range etiquette and safety protocols!  Mind your muzzles and keep it pointed down range!!! 

DP Ladies Rule!

With over 200 women members (and increasing every month), our DP Ladies Club is the leader in women's shooting events in the greater Triangle & Triad areas!   Come and join the club and learn to shoot with the best ladies in town!  Our monthly Ladies Only .22 caliber match  and the Spring & Fall DP Ladies Campfire Social are just a few of the events you won't want to miss!  Sign up for one of our self-defense classes and learn the basics about concealed carry practices.

NC Concealed Carry Handgun Certification

We provide monthly classes for the required certification training to obtain your CCH permit.  Taking your CCH class at Distinguished Pistol is a "one-stop" process; we've got it all right on the ranch:  classroom, restrooms, range and the DP Café!  Plus, we've got great prices:  $79 for non-members and $49 for members!  If you don't have a handgun yet, we offer gun rentals and ammo to qualify.  Better yet, stop on by and enroll in one of our introductory handgun classes and try some different pistols to see which one best fits your needs, capability or personal preference.

Video, Data-Analysis & Laser Aided Instruction

Train just like the golf professionals!  We offer a variety of pistol shooting clinics with state-of-the-art precision bullseye pistol instruction using body position high-speed video analysis, laser-aided arc-of-movement analysis, and digital grip & trigger movement data analysis!  The unique combination of these training aids are designed to give the shooter a complete understanding of the ideal precision shot!  Call now for more information about our specialized precision shooting classes.

NSSF Sponsored "First Shots" Program

First Shots is a great way to introduce first-time shooters in our community to firearms safety and the various shooting sports.   Developed by the National Shooting Sports Foundation and hosted by independent shooting facilities, this program provides participants with a comprehensive introduction to shooting by qualified range operators and instructors that includes firearm safety, local ownership requirements, shooting fundamentals, and hands-on instruction.  Call for more information or check our Calendar for "First Shots."  Our once-a-month scheduled First Shots class costs $50 per person or $80 per couple, and includes classroom instruction on basic safety principles and marksmanship techniques, range time, use of firearms, ammunition, targets, and safety equipment for eyes and ears.  Our classes are limited to 12 shooters per class, and preregistration is required.  Can't make the scheduled class?  No worries!  The First Shots class can be scheduled with a private reservation during regular business hours.

First Shots Training Program

Gun Rentals & Extras!


Gun Rentals

We rent firearms for use on our ranges.  We have a wide selection of guns to choose from and to use during your lane rental.  We also have some awesome shooting packages that include multiple firearms.  Inquire at the range for details.   

Ammunition Sales

Run out of bullets?  Don't worry, we keep a limited supply of the most popular calibers just in case you decide to stay a bit longer!   

We've Got the Targets!

We've got all kinds of targets!  Your first paper target is on us, it's included with your hourly lane rental.  All targets after that are just one dollar.  We use only American-made heavy paper targets from high-quality presses, such as The National Target Company of Maryland and The Baker Press of Florida.  Our AR-500 steel plate targets are made by Bad Ass Target Systems of  Fuquay-Varina, right here in North Carolina. 

Guns n' Ammo FAQs?

Q.  May I bring my own guns and ammo?

A.  Yes, please do!  Most of our members bring their own firearms and ammo to the range, but choose to use our paper targets because of the convenience and selection.

Q.  May I shoot my black powder pistol and rifle at the range?

A.  Yes, bring them out and have some black powder fun!

Q.  May I shoot my high-power rifle at your ranges?

A.  Yes, our sighting range can handle most everything, except .50 caliber BMG.  Our 300-yard rifle range can handle most calibers, except magnum rounds traveling at speeds in excess of 3,000 fps at 100 yards.  Cartridges containing steel  or tungsten alloys cannot be used on any steel plate targets.