The ORIGINAL - The SILVER "Perm" Coin


Silver Status

Our original Silver Distinguished Pistol Challenge Coin was awarded to members reaching their 21st hour of shooting on the range.  Initially, under the old pay-as-you-go membership system, DP members who received their silver coin became known as "Permanents" or Perms, and achieved the $10 an hour rate.  Today, with our annual membership program, members can now become Silver Status when they complete their 20th range visit as a first annual member, tracked with our punch cards.  Our very collectible club coins are designed to be proudly carried or displayed, showing your level of participation in the DP membership club.  Each coin level is now earned annually as members regularly visit and practice mastering their shooting skills at the range.   Members can earn only one coin level per year.  

Congratulations to those who have earned their coins!!! 

History of Challenge Coins

Of military origin, the purpose of the challenge coin was first used for identification during war times, but today these coins have grown in popularity and purpose way beyond their original use.  Now, challenge coins are given as a recognition for special achievement or simply as collectibles, mostly within our Armed Forces and law enforcement agencies.  Within the military, challenge coins are normally presented by unit commanders in recognition of special achievement by a member of the unit.  They are also exchanged during ceremonial events and in recognition of senior leadership visits to an organization. 

Go For The Gold


GOLD - The Next Level!

Introducing our second annual coin ... the gold-tone DP Challenge Coin!  We started 2019 by adding another level of challenge!  All eligible Perms (members with a silver coin) will be eligible to earn the gold DP Challenge Coin after completing another 20 days in the following year of membership, tracked with our punch cards!  Members can earn only one coin level per year.

Our Coins Rock!

Our coins are produced by Coins for Anything, a Virginia-based company and America's largest 100% veteran-owned military challenge coin business!  We support our Veterans!  The quality and craftsmanship reflected in our challenge coins is absolutely superb!  Each coin is highly polished and edge-stamped with "Distinguished Pistol" and has the iconic 1911 .45 caliber pistol on the reverse side.  

Collect all of our coins and display them with pride!  

Let's do this!  Again!

Imperial Onyx


Game On! Just in from the Mint!

Fit for a Roman Emperor, black onyx stone was the choice for intaglio seals by the Ruler of Rome.  We sought out the next perfect color for our continuing collection of DP coins.  Onyx - our third annual and latest minted coin comes in gun-metal black and carries its own dynamic appearance!  

A must have for the dedicated DP shooter, who clocks in another 20 sessions of shooting during yet another year of membership, this coin is our third in line, after Gold!    Members can earn only one coin level per year. 

Clearly, it's a Darth Vader favorite!!!

Cold Steel Cobalt


Let the Games begin!!!

Sweet!  Expertly minted in highly polished gold-toned heavy nickel, our first members-only competition coin is plated in a glassy transparent cobalt enamel.  

Cobalt - our first competition coin will go to shooters who have completed 10 club matches!  Yes, participation in our bowling pin tournament counts as a ticket punch!  

Get your Cobalt punch cards today and start competing!

Muzzle flash crimson


by now, your skills are beginning to sharpen!

You guessed it!  Crimson - our second competition coin will be awarded after participating in another 10 matches!  There's no way you can stop your competitive mojo now!  Hopefully, you've won a couple of our all-cash jackpots along the way ... Bonus!  

Okay!  Quit staring at the coins!

Night Vision kryptonite


like a night scope, this coin glows in the night!

You are totally rockin' it, if you earn this third members-only competition coin!  Kryptonite - minted in emerald green enamel that glows in the dark, is our third competition coin to be awarded after a total of 30 matches have been entered and completed.  

Did we out-do ourselves on Kryptonite?  This coin is truly magical!