Rates & Memberships


Yes, Our Ranges Are Open to Newcomers!

Access to all of our ranges are available for visitors.  Of course, it is advantageous for the more frequent shooters to use our membership model which is designed to be affordable for everyone.  You simply pay a one-time membership fee (with no annual renewal) and then you enjoy discounted hourly shooting rates.  The more you shoot, the cheaper it gets until you reach our lowest rate of only $10 per hour for a lane rental.  Not bad, especially when compared to paying hundreds of dollars each year in annual dues at other clubs, whether you go or not!

As a family-friendly range, we allow children from ages 9 to 17 so long as parents are present.  Children may come in groups, but parents (and/or legal guardians) must provide written permission and a signed DP waiver beforehand.  

Our ADA shooting lane is available with its own private parking, please call ahead. 

Hourly PUBLIC Rates - Open to All Newcomers & Non-Members

Newcomer / Non-Member Rates :  

     $30 per lane hour

     (Maximum of two persons per lane)

     ($10 per additional visitor)

Handgun Rentals:  Starting at $15

Rifle Rentals:  Starting at $25

Ammo & Accessories:  Priced according to caliber

Targets:  $2 Each

Safety Gear:  No Charge - Ear & Eye Protection

Safety Instruction:  No Charge - Firearms Safety & Range Rules


Members-Only Discounted Hourly Lane Rates: 

     1st 10 Hours: $20 per hour
    2nd 10 Hours: $15 per hour
    21st Hour & Beyond:  $10 per hour (permanent)
     (Maximum of two persons per lane)

     (Priority Reservations: $30 per hour)
Handgun Rentals: Starting at $10
Rifle Rentals: Starting at $20
Ammo & Accessories:  Priced according to caliber

Paper Targets: $1 each / volume discounts

Safety Gear:  No Charge - Ear & Eye Protection

Safety & Marksmanship Instruction:  No Charge - Firearms Safety & Range Rules

Become a DP Member To Receive Discounts

To become a DP member, simply stop by our DP Café  and complete an application and waiver form, pay the one-time membership fee and you're set.  Our DP membership is a membership for life and offers a tremendous value to those who wish to shoot regularly, have lots of fun and advance theirs skills!  As a member and novice shooter, we offer numerous competitions and shooting leagues!   

"Main Range Only" Membership (Discount Rates Apply to Only One Range)

Single-Person / Individual Membership:  One-Time Fee of $80

Two-Person / Family Membership (includes children of ages 9 to 17):  One-Time Fee of $120

All-Range Membership

Single-Person / Individual Membership:  One-Time Fee of $160

Two-Person / Family Membership (includes children of ages 9 to 17):  One-Time Fee of $240

If you are already a member of the main range and would like to expand your membership to include all three ranges, you only need to pay the difference between the membership fees ($80 for Single, or $120 for Double).

Ask about receiving additional discounts if you are on active duty as a Military Service Member, Law Enforcement Officer or Emergency Response Worker.  Membership is non-refundable and non-transferable.

Got FAQs?

Q.  Why should I consider a DP membership?

A.   Your DP membership saves you money on lane rentals and gives you access to the DP Café (not open to the public), our special members-only events, and to our DP Academy and DP Pro Shop.  DP members also get priority reservations on renting our first-class outdoor venues like the event field (bocce ball courts, horseshoes & hatchet throwing), the DP Tiki Bar & Grill and The Fire Pit.  Members can enjoy access to our secluded camping spots and prime hunting areas.  

Q.  As a member, may I bring several guests?  

A.  Yes, you can bring as many guests as you would like!  If more than six guests are joining you, please call ahead and reserve your lanes to ensure there's availability.  

Q.  Can I split my hourly lane rental between lanes on a single range, say 30 minutes on the steel plate lane (lane 12) and 30 minutes on a tracked lane?

A.  Yes, you can split your time between lanes on a single range; however, you cannot split time between separate ranges, e.g.: pistol and rifle, or rifle and shotgun.  Each range operates on its own hourly rental time regardless of whether you stay for an entire hour.

Q.  Are there any other charges or fees that I should know about?

A.  Yes, there's a $5 surcharge for the maintenance of any steel plate target systems you use.  Steel plates are expensive and have high maintenance costs, such as daily painting, bolt replacements and post repairs.  Also, you will have to purchase a second paper target if you switch to a new lane.  All automated paper changers (in the rifle pit) include a $3 cycle fee for pulling new paper.  Each clean pull of paper is limited to 40 rounds.