DP Matches & Tournaments

Winter Games Are Here!


Saturdays at high noon!  The house picks the match and the winner takes half of the pot!  Entry fee is $20 per shooter and each shooter gets two tries for best score.  Rules on range.  Open to all.

"Remove the Orange"


Better known as the RTO match, this challenging tournament has a cumulative pot that grows until someone  ... removes all of the orange center!   

$10 to enter!  Last winner took $375!  Rules on range.  Members only match.



$250 pot goes to the highest score of 50 shooters!  Nine rounds in 36 seconds!   Maximum score is 45 points if all rounds strike inside the red circles, one round per circle.  $10 to enter!  Rules on range.   Members only match. 



30 rounds, 30 feet, 3 minutes!  Winner takes the pot on the spot by hitting all 15 dots!  Cut the edge counts!  $5 to enter.  Rules on range.   Members only match. 



15 rounds for five Xs!  You must touch the actual X for your hit to count!  Now try it with your .22 caliber pistol!  $5 to enter.  Rules on range.   Members only match. 

Bowling Pin Matches


Bowling Pin Matches!  Our pin matches will make your fun-meters peak out!  Check the calendar for our next scheduled seasonal pin match!  Cash prizes for first & second places!  Open to all.