Rifle Range - 300 Yards Precision & .50 Cal. BMG Target


Innovative "No-Walk" Rifle Range!

A dynamic true north-facing outdoor range designed and built for pure rifle shooting pleasure!  No more walking down range to change targets.  Our rifle range has three courts:  (1) the Bad Ass Steel Plate Run with a "pick-3" selection from over 20 steel plates (now in operation), (2) the Pit Targets with automatic paper changers (construction in progress), and (3) the Popper Field with five automatic resetting plates per shooting lane (also, underway and coming soon).  As with all precision rifle ranges, you must first provide a qualifying zero and then take careful aim on all shots fired. This is a fun and challenging precision-based slow fire range!​

We Teach Basic Rifle Marksmanship Skills

Rifle shooting is a "whole body" skill and we teach the basics.  During normal hours, all shooting is done at the benches, except for the standing pad.  We offer a single standing pad with a barrel support for limited shooting in the standing position during normal hours.  To learn more about prone, sitting, kneeling and standings techniques, please arrange for a private training session.  

If you are new to Rifle Shooting, just show up!

Don't have a rifle?  No problem, just show up.  You'll have a great learning session that will help you understand rifle safety and marksmanship basics.  If you own a rifle, we will help you zero your rifle's sights and get you close to the center of your target!  The rest comes with practice!  Chances are, you will spend some time on the rifle sighting lane before moving to the 300 yard range.  

Looking for a Challenge?

Each section of our rifle range (courts) has its own course-of-fire and scoring card.  Simply select the course-of-fire and start shooting.  You can challenge yourself to do better each time, or bring a group of friends and start your own competition!

Rifle Range - STOP & READ


The DP Rifle Range is designed for precision shooting, not for CQB or tactical shooting.

All firearms must be inspected, zeroed and tagged on the main range!

The range has three sections (courts): (1) Popper Field, (2) Paper-Pit, and (3) Steel Plate Run. A lane must be rented and a ticket must be purchased for each section of shooting, and shooters will be limited to either a specific number of rounds or one hour of time, whichever comes first. “Aim small, miss small.” If you are consistently missing all of your targets by large margins, you will be asked to re-zero your firearm at the main range. Shooters are accountable for rounds that are not properly aimed at range targets!

Steel Plate Run (220 to 300 yards) - $5 per 100 rounds on a Set of Three Plates

1. There are 20 steel plates - - select three: one silhouette, one 18” gong, and one 8” gong.

2. On the target marker board, place magnets over the three plates that you've selected (so nobody else shoots at your plates), and then write your plate numbers on your scorecard.

3. Shoot 100 rounds in five sets of 20 rounds for a possible score of 100 hits.  A "set" is 20 rounds.  Scorecards are provided.

     - Shoot all 100 rounds without achieving a single set of no misses and you are a “Newbie”.

     - Shoot a single set of plates with no misses and become a “Plebe”.

     - Shoot a double set of plates with no misses and become a “Marksman”.

     - Shoot a triple set of plates with no misses and become a “Sharpshooter”.

     - Shoot four sets of plates and become an “Expert”.

     - Shoot all five sets (100 rounds) with no misses (a Run) and become a “Master.”  Hang your scorecard with pride!

The Doughnut!  Our very own .50 BMG Impact Target  (1/2" AR500 Gong) at 230 yards!  Enjoy our Barrett M82A1 Rifle Experience for $200  ... split the cost between five people and it's only $40 each!  Or, bring your own .50 caliber BMG rifle and use our target system for an additional $20 Target Usage Surcharge, plus $2 per round.  50 BMG!!!  Bring your own, or rent ours!

1. All .50 BMG rounds must be aimed and fired at the 10" x 16" gong inside the 8-foot doughnut tire. 

2. All rounds are fired in slow-fire time, absolutely no rapid fire. 

Popper Field (100 to 180 yards) - $5 for Four Resets (Almost Completed - Beta Testing)

1. There are five poppers to a lane-set, shooters get four resets. 

2. Poppers rise from the ground and are knocked over with each shot, one at a time. 

3. Poppers are spaced at 20-yard intervals: 100, 120, 140, 160 and 180 yards.

4. Please allow popper plates to fully reset and stand freely for three seconds before shooting again. 

5. Scorecards are provided. A perfect score is all 20 popper plate hits.

Paper-Pit (200 yards) - $3 per Cycle (Under Construction)

1. There are 20 bullseyes to shoot on the paper-pit target and one large, centered zeroing circle. 

2. A new cycle of paper is required every 40 rounds, regardless of the number of hits.

3. Scorecards are provided. A perfect score is all 20 bullseye hits.

Got Some Rifle FAQS?

Q.  So, what about CQB training with my rifle?

A.   We teach Close Quarters Battle tactics which is performed on the shorter ranges and in the pits.  At 300 yards, you are no longer in close quarters, so save the rapid fire for the pits!  All CQB training is done by appointment.

Q. May I bring my own rifle ammunition to shoot at the steel plates?

A.  Yes, but your ammo must be magnet tested and you are liable for any structural damage to range equipment and plate target systems (those areas not intended to be struck by rounds, such as chains and iron supports).  We are very strict regarding the ammunition that can be used on the steel plates; all ammunition must be magnet tested on the range by each shooter; ammo must be clearly labeled by the manufacturer to ensure the projectiles do not contain any hardened metals or steel-piercing alloy cores, such as steel-core or tungsten; and, we do not permit magnum rounds with speeds of more than 3,000 fps upon impact on steel plates!  Most standard hunting rounds like copper jacketed and soft nose bullets are permitted.  We do not allow color-tipped ammo, such as green-tip, incendiary and tracer rounds, because these types of military-designed bullets are very destructive to the steel plates and may create a fire hazard.