Pistol Range - 30'/50'/25 yards/50 yards


Finally! A Full-Service Pistol Range!

Designed and placed into construction in 2011, the Distinguished Pistol handgun range opened for membership in 2016.  The range is a unique five-court design and is similar to the types of ranges used in competitive matches.  "Our range is a true north-facing outdoor range ... which is a big deal when you are shooting outside, because you want the sun behind you, not in your eyes, and shining on your target, not silhouetting it in a shadow," says Clint Hilbert, owner.  "All thirteen lanes are covered and there are automatic edging targets at the 25-yard line and static targets at the 30' and 50'.  We also have several lanes with retractable targets to the 50-foot line and a fully adjustable ADA lane with its own private parking space." 

Learn the Basics! Safety First!

All new shooters receive hands-on training to help them with their first shots.  Additional instruction is offered on self-defense practice, safety education, and the fundamentals of marksmanship.  As shooters advance their skills, we offer specialized training for the more experienced shooters and seasoned competitors.

We Teach All Pistol Disciplines

All you have to do is ask!  Our members and guests often receive specialized training in several disciplines, namely: (1) self-defense with a concealed handgun, (2) sport tactical (IDPA, USPSA & IPSC) and (3) precision bullseye, also known as National Match.  It doesn't stop there, we also provide guidance on black powder pistols, air pistols and much more.

Private Group Matches Happen Here!

How cool is that?  Set up your own private bowling pin match, or simply just come to one of our Spring & Fall pin matches for a super fun-packed shooting event!  Nothing beats a true bowling pin match for action and fun!

New Shooters ... Come As You Are!

If you are new to shooting and would like to learn the basics about handguns, just come over and visit us! We've got everything here to make your first shooting experience enjoyable, and ... not-so-scary!  All you have to do is show up and have fun!  We will answer all of your questions ... yes, all of your questions!  Private lessons are also available on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Got Some FAQs?

Q.  May I come out to shoot at your range without being a member?  

A.  Yes, but you must sign a waiver before handling firearms.  

Q.  Do I have to be a member to shoot a match?

A.  Open matches (Bowling Pins and Steel Plates) are open to the public, however, there are certain membership-only matches that are closed to non-members.